PEDAL Consulting involvement in EU funded projects

Media Contacts Database
Funding scheme: international tender
Total budget: 42 400 EUR

In October 2017, PEDAL signed the 4 year framework contract with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), providing this EU agency with a subscription to a media contacts database in order to support EFSA’s Media Relations team in researching information, including contact details, about journalists and media outlets. The database will help EFSA to develop and maintain professional relationships with key journalists and media outlets throughout the European Union and beyond.

Startup Europe Partnership
Funding scheme: international tender
Total budget: 45 435 EUR

In February 2014, PEDAL Consulting was contracted by the European Commission to implement the “Startup Europe Partnership” initiative, the objective of which was to bring together, mainly by means of an online platform, young web entrepreneurs and online startups from all over Europe, with serial entrepreneurs, large companies, specialised investors, mentors, accelerators and media, with a special interest in web businesses and web entrepreneurs.

ALTFInator: Capacity-building of the financial ecosystem improving innovative SME´s access to alternative forms of finance
Funding scheme: Horizon 2020
Total budget: 1 499 252,50 EUR


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent over 99% of businesses in the EU. The competitiveness and growth of European economy depends on the competitiveness and growth of the SMEs. One of the most important issues facing SMEs is their difficulty in accessing finance. The objective of the ALTFInator project is to design, develop and implement a capacity-building strategy to increase the capacity of the financial ecosystem and its participants in South, Central and Eastern European countries for provision and absorption of alternative forms of financing for innovative SMEs.

BIOBRIDGES: Bridging Consumers, Brands and Bio Based Industry to improve the market of sustainable biobased products
Funding scheme: Horizon 2020
Total budget: 995 485  EUR


BIOBRIDGES is a 24 months action aiming at boosting the marketability of bio-based products by establishing close cooperation and partnership between bio-based industries, brand owners and consumers’ representatives. The ultimate goal is to stimulate and support the active engagement of and interaction among all stakeholders (including local communities and local authorities) and improve market acceptance of bio-based products.

DANDELION: Promoting EU-funded projects of inclusive, innovative and reflective societies
Funding scheme: Horizon 2020
Total budget: 979 439 EUR


In January 2016, PEDAL Consulting started implementing the Horizon 2020 project Dandelion. The project is promoting the work done by inclusive, innovative and reflective societies’ projects on local, regional and European level by developing and implementing a series of innovative and exciting communication activities aiming to inform, educate and entertain a wide cross section of the European population, policy-makers academia and media. By placing European economic and financial reform, the problems young people face in Europe, cultural heritage, European values and diversities, the EU’s role as a global actor and the new forms of public sector innovation at the heart of these activities, by involving established science educators, by creating clear lines of communication between projects and named mass media and by utilising novel communications, Dandelion will ensure that inclusive, innovative and reflective societies’ ambitious philosophy is given the highest profile. By giving tools and guidelines to the dissemination managers towards general public, policy makers, academia and media Dandelion will guarantee an improved access to research projects’ data in the future.

T2gE: Transition to a green Economy
Funding scheme: Horizon 2020
Total budget: 300 000 EUR


In spring 2016, PEDAL Consulting has been awarded a Horizon2020 grant to implement the T2gE project. The main objective of the project was to contribute to a transition towards a green economy in Europe through organization of the international conference “Transition to a green Economy” (T2gE). This international conference was an event of major strategic nature during the Slovak Presidency of the European Council. The conference brought together a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Its ambition was to improve understanding of the green economy concept, identify conclusions and pathways for transition as well as to involve and mobilise various actors and stakeholders in the discussions of possible future actions. The conference also aimed to strengthen synergy among various recent initiatives and programmes launched by the European Commission (i.e 7EAP, Circular economy package, Energy Union, Juncker Commission’s priorities etc) and by the Member States, to the benefit of the overall coherence.

Funding scheme: Horizon 2020
Total budget: 965 750

In October 2016, PEDAL Consulting started implementing the Horizon 2020 BIOWAYS project. The action is developing excellent promotional and educational materials and design and implement pubic engagement activities, based on this material. These activities are focused on promoting bio-based industries and the huge potential of their products. BIOWAYS intends to meet the need for better communication of bio-based products and applications and the benefits they bring. In order to attain this ambitious challenge, the BIOWAYS Consortium proposes providing a wide range of integrated, high-level activities and tools with recognised added value for communication programmes, having EU Citizens as their main target. Tools being developed to achieve this include an innovative online collaboration platform and social network, an accessible library of bio-based products, the development of training materials, social hack days, co-creation workshops, an eConference, BarCamps and thematic Charettes.

Funding scheme: Horizon 2020
Total budget: 2 996 427 EUR


BIOVoices, another Horizon 2020 project awarded by the European Commission, builds on the concept the concept of Mobilisation & Mutual Learning Platforms (MML) with the ultimate objective of delivering an Action Plan addressing the challenges of raising awareness of and engaging with the citizens on the bio-based products.

Funding scheme: Horizon 2020
Total budget: 2 999 750 EUR


The long term strategic objective of HubIT (Horizon 2020) project is to contribute to the high level of European research and innovation and ensure that H2020 funded and further ICT related innovation is responsible, inclusive and aimed at reversing inequalities. The direct objective of HubIT is to build a hub that will activate and improve constructive and co-creating interactions between SSH and ICT disciplines in developing and implementing a shared vision of inclusive HubIT will activate constructive interactions between the stakeholders forming the RRI-SSH eco-system via various network and engagement activities.

Funding scheme: COSME
Total budget: 249 605 EUR

The flagship product of PEDAL Consulting, the tendering platform Tenderio, received support from the COSME scheme in 2017. The present project will build on this existing solution (Tenderio platform) while developing and implementing a series of innovative, integrated and exciting business-supporting activities aiming to inform, educate and match a wide cross section of European SMEs and procurement authorities with the ultimate objective to improve SMEs participation in (especially) international tenders.

WRITE: Work, Research and Innovation for the Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs
Funding scheme: Erasmus+
Total budget: 205 848 EUR

In 2015, PEDAL Consulting was awarded an Erasmus+ grant to implement the project “Work, Research and Innovation for the Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs (WRITE)” aimed at promoting entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people. The project, launched in August 2015, supports youth in undertaking an entrepreneurial path by enhancing digital integration in learning, teaching, training and youth work at various levels. Furthermore, in 2014 we have completed successful implementation of the “Youth in Action” project in Turkey.

InterEnter: YouNG International Enterprise
Funding scheme: Erasmus+
Total budget: 175 668 EUR

In October 2017, PEDAL Consulting started implementing “YouNG International Enterprise” project the objective of which is to significantly improve the employment and life chances of young people. In this respect the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has identified ‘soft skills’ that employers seek. The project will take 78 young people (male and female) from inner city and rural Nottinghamshire and instil within them the belief that they can take ownership of their own destinies through developing the skills that employers desire in today’s labour market.

YouNG Goes Euro
Funding scheme: Erasmus+
Total budget: 330 000

The objective of the Erasmus+ project YouNG Goes Euro is to develop Enterprise qualifications by developing a unit of learning for ‘International Enterprise’. Within programmes that encourage students to set up a business, produce a good or service and then sell it, the focus is national. The project consortium will introduce a programme that encourages students to take it one step further, where they market their good or service for sale within the European Union. Therefore they must consider different markets, different routes to market, business culture, language and currency. This reflects today’s reality, global markets and the need to think beyond our national borders. PEDAL Consulting started implementing this project in January 2016 together with other international partners.

SoG-TIM: Social Growth on Trafficking and Immigration
Funding scheme: Erasmus+
Total budget:
246 525 EUR

As of October 2016 PEDAL Consulting is coordinating the implementation of the Erasmus+ project Social Growth on Trafficking and Immigration (SoG-TIM). ‘SoG-TIM’ is a pedagogical plan for the training of future social entrepreneurs to address the issues of human trafficking, immigration and refugee crisis.  It predominantly targets prospective social entrepreneurs, focusing on women and unemployed youth, immigrants, refugees, and survivals victims of trafficking by establishing socially innovative, scalable and financially sustainable ventures. We integrate non-governmental and civil society organizations that address these issues, municipalities and policy makers, sustainable supply chain and fair trade entrepreneurs, digital entrepreneurs, trainers, incubators and educators, and collaborative ventures between ethical consumers and social entrepreneurs to co-create value for social innovation that addresses the migration and human trafficking crisis.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs
Funding scheme: Erasmus+
Total budget:

From February to July 2015, PEDAL Consulting hosted an Italian female entrepreneur in the framework of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) programme aimed at giving new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries. During the five-month collaboration, the new entrepreneur was trained on market research activities and acquired new skills on how to prepare professional and balanced project proposals, while PEDAL Consulting got insights in the Italian market as well as new business contacts.

BRD-NET – Transfer of Visegrad Experience in Regional Development to Black Sea EaP Countries
Funding scheme: Visegrad Fund
Total budget: 50 000 EUR


In 2014, PEDAL Consulting implemented the BRD-NET project, funded by the International Visegrad Fund, the aim of which was to strengthen the capacity of NGOs and local experts, and their ability to attract EU expertise and funding for regional development, and to improve synergies between the third sector’s and local governments’ initiatives in the Black Sea Eastern Partnership countries. Within the frame of this project, PEDAL Consulting assisted in conducting online and offline training, foster partner dialogues and networking, and organize cross-border and cross-sector exchange and knowledge sharing. An online course helped participants master project approach and prepare own projects by executing tasks and receiving feedback.

Construct the Change
Funding scheme: Visegrad Fund
Total budget: 68 650 EUR


In February 2015, the company started implementing the project “Construct the change: Citizen-monitoring in Hola Prystan, boost for social engagement”. The project enabled testing of various public consultation tools and innovative methods of citizen monitoring & public consultation in Southern Ukraine (Hola Prystan, Kherson obl.). The project created innovative & sustainable tool for citizen monitoring. It tested various tools for social consultations, both in the social media and live, with local community and “charrette”.


EU-funded projects for clients

PEDAL Consulting was contracted by its clients to implement number of other Horizon 2020 and FP7 EU funded projects where the main tasks consisted in the implementation of dissemination activities as well as in the preparation of market studies, exploitation strategies and business plans. Please contact us for more information. 

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