Do you consider setting up your business abroad? There are many administrative, legal, and linguistic barriers that need to be overcome first. Potential entrepreneurs discover that generic, step-by-step instructions do not reflect real life procedures. There is always some other stamp required, documents missing, translation needed. This is where PEDAL comes in.

Do not let your business idea die and let our team do the job with you. We can help you with:

  • Business opportunity identification
  • Market analysis
  • Vertical and horizontal partner search and introduction
  • Competition analysis and due diligence

Our main competitive advantage is represented by our network of trusted international partners. We can show you the door to knock on.

We will be happy to offer tailored services to you. However, do not forget to have a look at the Tenderio first – it may be exactly the service you need. Tenderio is a unique global platform, utilizing services of 40+ European consultancy companies and business opportunities from thousands of public procurers.

Interested? Have questions? Contact us.