EU institutions, UN agencies, the World Bank, international organisations, national governments, and corporations — are all subject to different procurement rules, creating business opportunities for various target groups.

Although the main focus of these entities may seem completely remote from the scope of your own activities, each of them requires similar measures to ensure their proper functioning. For instance, personnel need to be equipped, offices furnished, transportation provided, security maintained, stocks delivered, etc. These requirements therefore call for the direct involvement of various suppliers, starting with bulb manufacturers and finishing with software developers.

Given that such goods or services have to be purchased according to defined transparency procedures, the entity under question is obliged to publish a procurement notice, which automatically generates business opportunities for you. All you need to do is submit the bidding documents and hope for the best. However, is it really so easy?

Procurement rules often vary depending on the country, legal environment, and nature of the entity. Parties interested in participating in tender related to their activities often have to:

  • Face the language barrier
  • Search through many websites, articles, and publications
  • Familiarise themselves with the different structures and layouts of the procurement notices
  • Answer sometimes vaguely defined questions presented in bidding documents
  • Deal with unrealistic deadlines caused by the late detection of the open tenders

These points prove to be time consuming and resource demanding. This is where PEDAL comes in.

What can PEDAL do for you?

PEDAL consultants have vast experience in tendering procedures at the regional, national, and international levels.

PEDAL’s package of tendering services includes:

  • Detection of the open tenders of your interest
  • Provision of bidding documents
  • Communication with procurement authorities
  • Submission of electronic documents
  • Monitoring of the procurement’s results.


We decided to move public procurement consultancy services to a completely new qualitative level, never seen before in the tendering world. PEDAL Consulting is the founder of Tenderio, a comprehensive global tender platform.

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